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What is the Admission and Scholarship Secret Blueprint course?

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— It is a simple step-by-step do-it-yourself program that anyone can follow to get Admission and Scholarships Abroad even if you didn’t graduate with the best grade (valued at N50,000)

— A comprehensive guide on how to easily find Universities globally so that you do not stress yourself (valued at N70,000)

— A proven system of how to find stupidly cheap schools abroad (valued at N120,000)

— A secret way on how to bypass IELTS Academic/TOEFL(valued at N90,000)

— A hidden trick on how to properly certify your documents so that it is not rejected (valued at N90,000)

— Detailed step-by-step guide on how to create an Admission/scholarship-winning CV (valued at N50,000)

— A thorough guide on how to find hidden scholarships/funding opportunities (valued at N100,000)

— An unrevealed guideline on how to easily find schools that give admission (valued at N50,000)

— 100% unbeatable way to write an Admission and Scholarship winning Statement of Purpose (valued at N80,000)

—  A thorough guide on the end-to-end process of how to apply, the total amount needed with a robust visa guide to ensure you get the visa (valued at N200,000/GHS3000/$294)

— Dedicated channel to contact me when you are stuck or need clarification (Priceless)

That’s a total value of NGN1,000,000/GHS14,400

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You will agree with me that if I ask you to pay NGN400,000/GHS10,550/$865 for this course, it is very fair because I will literally be helping you save money for your Study Abroad dream.

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or even N200,000 (GHS5,270/$433)

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The GPA calculator helps you to easily convert your CGPA to the foreign university equivalent

(valued at N70,000)

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This document contains a list of 50 top rated universities that are stupidly cheap with the direct link to apply so you do not waste time

(valued at N70,000)

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Proven admission and scholarship winning statement of purpose and letter of motivation that you can easily and quickly replicate

(valued at N50,000)

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Effective cold email template to potential supervisor that works wonder

(valued at N50,000)

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This document highlights 100 scholarships in fifteen tier 1 countries you can easily apply to immediately

(valued at N50,000)

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Copy and paste letter of recommendation template that your recommender can easily use to recommend you

These additional bonuses have a total value of
N 300,000

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you also get access to...

if you pay NOW, you only invest NGN 99,000 (GHS1030/$84)and you will get access to the course and all the bonuses listed above.

Now think about it – It will cost you nothing less than 16 million naira ($30,000) to pay your tuition fees if you intend to Study Abroad.

Why not make this investment today to equip yourself with the right information to get admitted to hidden schools abroad that charge only $100 – $500 per semester/year and also offer funding opportunities just like I did?

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There are three types of people in this world;

The time wasters: This set of people do not know what they want for their lives and are not ready to commit their resources and time 

The Overconfident: This set of people believe they know everything. Unfortunately, what they think they know is either outdated or half-baked and so, they have not been able to yield any success in their goals because they refuse to ask for professional help 

The Goal getters: This set of people want to take their study abroad destiny into their own hands and will invest their time and money to make it happen.

Choose today to be a goal-getter and activate your study abroad dream by purchasing this course.


The Admission and Scholarship Secrets Blueprint Course cost NGN99,000

You would be granted access 1-3 hours after payment or lesser

Lifetime access is provided to everyone who purchase the course

Transfer N50,000 to BIDE GLOBAL VENTURE 2025911860, First Bank and send confirmation on WhatsApp +491782004092 with subject “Payment for course” or shoot an email to [email protected]

Unfortunately, all sales are final and we do not offer refunds for products bought – we put in a lot of work to create this course and we only want people who are action takers to enrol so that they can get result. Kindly decide if you really need the Admission and Scholarship Secret Blueprint course before making payments

NO WE DO NOT PROVIDE SCHOLARSHIP. We teach you how to apply for both admission and scholarship abroad

No, we do not apply on your behalf. The Admission and Scholarship Secrets Blueprint course shows you a step-by-step way to find and apply to schools abroad

No, we do not – we expect you to apply with the documents you have

Everyone who intends to study a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD program abroad

The learning format is video with the option to download templates

Yes, it would – we provide details on how to make your application competitive even if you did not graduate with a good grade

Yes, you can, but please include the email of the person you are gifting the course to so that they can access it. Please note that 1 purchase is for 1 applicant

No, you must not, each person should buy a copy – we will track IPs and if you default, we will cancel your purchase without a refund

The first step to studying abroad is to get admission or a scholarship – our main aim is to support you in this regard, so we do not provide visa support

Please write an email with subject “Admission and Scholarship Secret Course Enquiry” to [email protected]